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"Excellenceo2 was of valuable assistance to The Zahid Group during its acquisition of 30% of Total Morocco and a key factor in the successful execution of the deal. They managed the complete M&A process starting with initial term sheet, through the due diligence phase culminating in a successful closing. I am most impressed with their proactive approach, positive attitude, continuous support and availability, sound advice and deep experience. They truly felt like members of the team. I look forward to working with Excellence02 on future projects"

Aladdin R. Sami, Senior VP, the Zahid Group

"The EO2propose workshop delivered impressive return on our investment. Our sales and business development team developed several winning proposals, and learnt in the process an effective methodology that would serve them well for the rest of their careers. "
Andrei Kalinichev, Regional General Manager - Halliburton Software and Consulting, Eurasia Pacific region

Various tools and methodologies focused on sales development and improvement

This is an intensive and highly interactive and practice-focused workshop that introduces the essential concepts in developing winning proposals. EO2TM propose concentrates on the practical components of a successful proposal and brings into focus the content and style that maximizes the chances of a proposal to be accepted by its intended customers.

The primary objective of the EO2TM propose workshop is to bring the participants to a higher plane of competency when it comes to developing and constructing winning proposals. The desired outcome is a better quality of proposals that result in a higher pursuit win rate. This is not a theoretical seminar with push information. It is a workshop that allows for creative thinking while bringing uniformity and a proven sound methodology to the proposal construction process

EO2TM malign as its name suggests, is a workshop by executives of two entities in order to bring them closer together and partially malign their objectives in a business or corporate context to identify a common agenda for future collaboration. The outcome of the workshop is a jointly identified set of 'projects' that are highly significant to both sides and where both sides objectives are maligned and with an action plan agreed between them to implement and complete the projects to achieve both sides' objectives.

In addition to the clear benefits of jointly identifying mutually beneficial opportunities to collaborate on, EO2TM malign provides the participating executives of both entities with an Excellent opportunity to form, within a very short time, a close working relationship and to build a strong bond that is otherwise very difficult to establish, or requires a long time to create.

The relaxed non-adversarial, team-focused approach of the workshop makes it an ideal environment for the participants to discover more about each other, and to freely exchange ideas and information and share knowledge.

The EO2TM improve is a methodology unique to ExcellenceO2 which is used to assess the readiness of a business to respond to change. This approach essentially helps executives to rediscover their business with a fresh view and a new approach. The outcome is a series of operational discoveries that a business leader can turn into actions to accelerate growth, turn-around a declining business, transform or transition a business or carve-out non-performing or non-relevant businesses and assets.