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"Excellenceo2 was of valuable assistance to The Zahid Group during its acquisition of 30% of Total Morocco and a key factor in the successful execution of the deal. They managed the complete M&A process starting with initial term sheet, through the due diligence phase culminating in a successful closing. I am most impressed with their proactive approach, positive attitude, continuous support and availability, sound advice and deep experience. They truly felt like members of the team. I look forward to working with Excellence02 on future projects"
Aladdin R. Sami, Senior VP, the Zahid Group

Conducted at the outset of the pre-acquisition process within the M&A space, the EO2TM scan exercise brings to the investor a snap shot of industry dynamics, background information on the particular industry sector, key company highlights and the initial impressions needed to decide if a targeted company matches the investment criteria. The outcome allows the investor to decide on proceeding with more detailed assessment of the target, or to disengage from the M&A process

A swift and focused methodology to objectively assess and rate various key functions and core activities of a business. The outcome is a comprehensive view of the business' status and a visual representation to identify areas of Excellence and areas of concern to help derive the right actions required to drive growth and profitability improvement.

EO2TM rad assesses, amongst other attributes: company culture, market, customers, sales organization, sales pipeline and sales performance, business strategy, policies & procedures, brands, products, solutions development, delivery and execution efficiency.

EO2TM rad methodology is applied to explore production set-up, capacity, supply chain efficiency, IT set-up, intellectual property, assets, liabilities, profitability and cash, legal issues, risk management, red flags and regulatory compliance, corporate governance, overall organization structure.

EO2TM rad provides an initial view on the company executives and managers capabilities and their fit to drive the company strategy and plans.

ExcellenceO2 has an established practice in conducting in-depth operational, commercial and market due diligence (DD) on companies that are targets for acquisition. Clients often ask ExcellenceO2 to project manage and oversee other DD activities such as financial and legal DD typically conducted by finance audit companies and legal firms. The focus of ExcellenceO2 operational DD is to identify opportunities for operational and profitability improvement and to alert clients to major operational risks inherent to the acquisition target.

EO2TM factfinder is typically led by a ExcellenceO2 partner or senior consultant with contribution from other partners and consultants as needed. The operational DD scope is wide arching and encompasses:

  • Detailed reviews strategies, business plans, operational and financial plans, processes, sales & delivery, supply chain and governance
  • Organizational and human resources assessment (CEO and direct reports to CEO, senior management team, wider organisation)
  • Testing potential improvement scenarios (technology, growth opportunities, delivery costs and SG&A optimization, process improvements, assets carve-out, potential bolt-on acquisitions)
  • Risks assessment (clients, technology, capability, partnerships)

ExcellenceO2 qualifies all opportunities for operational improvement and risk mitigation identified during the due diligence phase and incorporates them into the EO2TM plan100 with the appropriate action plans for real value enhancement. The 100-day plan focuses on: quickly filling management gaps and addressing burning platforms within a company, putting in place fit-for-purpose control infrastructure, securing the business base and the business leadership and performing functional reviews. EO2TM plan100 methodology focuses on a sequence of operational priorities, growth strategy setting and execution, and on operating improvements. It essentially sets a trajectory for business growth over the next 3 years, where low-hanging fruits are identified and early wins are pursued, margins improved, supply-chains shortened and resources allocated where needed. EO2TM plan100 aims at:

  • facilitating the first 100-day business discovery process
  • Identifying turn-around space: cost reduction and investment priorities
  • Delayering or improving the organization
  • Identifying sources of additional business efficiencies
  • Driving innovation and strategy enhancements
  • Establishing proper business rhythm: putting in place reporting and reviewing cadence
  • Pressure-testing initial value-enhancement & risk mitigation actions