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"Excellenceo2 was of valuable assistance to The Zahid Group during its acquisition of 30% of Total Morocco and a key factor in the successful execution of the deal. They managed the complete M&A process starting with initial term sheet, through the due diligence phase culminating in a successful closing. I am most impressed with their proactive approach, positive attitude, continuous support and availability, sound advice and deep experience. They truly felt like members of the team. I look forward to working with Excellence02 on future projects"
Aladdin R. Sami, Senior VP, the Zahid Group

"The outcome of the strategy workshops and the work that followed was focused and action-oriented."
Ramzi Selouan, Filmworks Chief Financial Officer

This workshop, proprietary to ExcellenceO2 and conducted exclusively by its partners, helps executives to develop a compelling vision of their company's future and to define ambition based strategies and trajectories that are anchored and balanced in business reality.

EO2TM strategize is a powerful and highly effective methodology which guides clients into exploring all possibilities and developing a blueprint for growth. It helps them to formulate strategies and actions to adapt their organizations to perpetual change to better exploit evolving market opportunities. The clients learn to better utilise their valuable resources and unique and valuable skills to overcome their weaknesses, and to make the gap between them and the competitors chasing them harder to bridge.

This methodology focuses on evaluating pre-defined business activities which are key to the superior performance of any company and identifying practical actions to quickly plug any organizational gaps, lift performance level and achieve Excellence. EO2TM organize is used as a model to reach Excellence in Human Resources capacity and capability through an Organizational Capability Readiness (OCR) tool which focuses on:

  • Talent sourcing
  • Assessments & Reviews
  • Readiness Plans
  • Supervisory improvement
  • Compensation & Benefits

ExcellenceO2 deploys the EO2TM plan5 tool to build annual operating plans which are continuously calibrated and adjusted to reflect the changing business realities and the ambitions of the business as it approaches steady state. This tool allows a business to:

  • Define operating priorities
  • Bring productivity improvement
  • Develop innovative long term plans
  • Roll out the operating budget

Consists of a set of technique that builds on ExcellenceO2 partners' extensive professional experience, and benefits from lessons learnt from other companies' mistakes. EO2TM transform aims to create a transformation space for a company to allow it to:

  • Exploit new opportunities
  • Address rising challenges and handle difficulties or emergencies
  • Achieve and maintain a perpetual state of readiness
  • Define the needed actions to increase productivity from existing assets, assets divestments and carve out, restructuring, redeployment of resources.