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"Excellenceo2 was of valuable assistance to The Zahid Group during its acquisition of 30% of Total Morocco and a key factor in the successful execution of the deal. They managed the complete M&A process starting with initial term sheet, through the due diligence phase culminating in a successful closing. I am most impressed with their proactive approach, positive attitude, continuous support and availability, sound advice and deep experience. They truly felt like members of the team. I look forward to working with Excellence02 on future projects"
Aladdin R. Sami, Senior VP, the Zahid Group

Most executives have the potential and core competencies to be highly successful. However, few leaders manage to discover and unleash their true potential. EO2TM 1to1 coaching methodology is tailored to help CEOs and their C-suite team members to become more successful. It builds on the convergence of three coaching dimensions: the leader and the leader's personal challenge, the company business challenges, and the dynamics of the leadership team. Utilizing one-to-one sessions with key executives, ExcellenceO2 partners apply this proven methodology to coach individuals who are working in or are earmarked for C-Suite executive roles.

EO2TM 1to1 focus is to help C-suite executives to:

  • Look at their enterprise through a different prism than they are used to
  • Get unbiased opinion and avail of a challenging sounding board for their ideas under normal business conditions or within a crisis management situations
  • Develop joint ideas, debate key topics and pressure test strategies within a 'safe' zone
  • Free up precious time by putting in place simple yet robust management operating systems (MOS)
  • Benefit from experience-based advice in turnaround situations and M&A
  • Obtain second opinion in deciding on key talent selection
  • Develop turn-around plans or carve out of assets when needed
  • Bring unique leadership assessment and development tools

ExcellenceO2 has applied the EO2TM 1to1 coaching methodology successfully in many countries and within various cultures including North America, Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle-East.