Case Studies
Excellenceo2 Papers

"excellenceO2 delivered a commendable performance every step of the way through professional advice and guidance on a high visibility project"

Régine Charvet Pello, CEO

Case Studies  

Improving winning chances on a major project
Using its EO2TM winner methodology, excellenceO2 provided guidance to rcp throughout the first phase of the project on a risk-sharing basis.

Developing and Implementing a standardised process for Radiology centres establishment
excellenceO2 developed a standards-based model for rolling out all the new Technoscan centres planned across Egypt.

Developing effective strategic growth plans and creating transformation space
Rethinking or refining all MIS business units' strategies. For each business unit: charting an ambitious trajectory, developing achievable and actionable growth plans through better utilization and allocation of MIS limited resources.

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