About Us  

We aim to bring to our customers the value from the 20% of their activities that count the most, and to provide them with the operational Oxygen for their business.

Ours is a group of highly experienced executives that came together from across the spectrum of industries to assist organizations to significantly improve their performance. The experience and lessons we learnt over a lifetime of achievement are deployed to assist our customers to succeed.

Our approach is to rapidly identify and focus on the aspects of business that quickly add most value to the performance of an organization.

Our methodology is practical and free of the clutter and confusion of text book methods and speculative management theory.

Our Business  

Our scope starts with the definition of the strategy elements of an organization, expands to developing implementable long and short term plans to reach the strategic destination, and culminates in helping to transform the organization to succeed in meeting the challenges of change.

We focus on helping our clients in:

  • Strategic directions definition
  • Developing measurable long term and short term plans
  • Restructuring and transforming organizations
  • Designing and executing change management programs
  • Restructuring sales organizations and improving the effectiveness of sales teams
  • Coaching executives